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How the Pandemic Changed Investor Behavior and Markets

And there’s every reason to believe its third-quarter results will be strong, as many people are still avoiding doctors’ offices when possible and opting for virtual visits instead. It’s no wonder, then, that investors sold out of the crypto miner’s shares after such an analysis was published. Volatility profiles based on trailing-three-year calculations of the standard deviation of service investment returns. Nintendo (NTDOY, $72.70), in many corners, was one of the biggest headlines of the pandemic. For months, it was virtually impossible to buy the company’s portable video game console, the Switch.

  • You will not be able to time the market and flood all your money in at its low point.
  • Just getting your money into the market can be most of the battle to seeing positive returns.
  • The answer depends on the investor’s personal situation, encompassing factors such as age and risk tolerance.
  • “We view shares as undervalued at 17.5 times our estimated 2021 EPS of $5.48, which is below the midpoint of its historical times range,” William Blair’s Jim Breen (Outperform) wrote in late October.

The company has several growth drivers, notably including its FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring devices. Abbott also recently increased its dividend for the 50th consecutive year, joining the elite group of stocks known as Dividend Kings. The company’s medical device sales fell quite a bit in 2020 with many healthcare providers bracing for a COVID-19 surge. It’s possible that Abbott could experience some pain with the rise of the omicron variant. That is a very legitimate concern, and it’s important to balance your need for cash today against your need for cash in retirement. At the same time, for anyone with money to invest, right now represents an extraordinary opportunity.

Akamai Technologies (AKAM, $102.71) is one of those tech companies that most people only know if they have a reason to. Given that more than 90% of Alphabet’s 2019 revenues were generated by advertising (whether via Google or YouTube), any ad-spending cutbacks would certainly be felt. A “second wave” is emerging across much of the world, including here at home. U.S. daily coronavirus caseloads are regularly breaking records, and recently have jumped well above the 100,000 mark. If you’re searching for a way to protect and grow your wealth in 2021, here are five excellent companies that are poised for even more strength during the pandemic — and in the years that follow.


It’s not hard to see why PayPal’s management is choosing to use its capital this way. The stock is trading at its lowest price-to-sales ratio ever and trades for just 12 times forward earnings. In this session, Investopedia’s Editor-in-Chief Caleb Silver spoke with Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Find out why bonds are getting a lot of attention from investors these days. The most exciting thing from a long-term investor’s perspective is that Pinterest has a massive opportunity when it comes to the monetization of its users. This is especially true internationally, where the bulk of Pinterest users are located but where the least monetization has occurred.

Moderna (MRNA -2.46%) can help to protect not just your investment portfolio, but the world at large. The biotechnology company has developed a vaccine that clinical trials have shown to be 94% effective against COVID and as much as 100% effective at preventing severe forms of the disease. Governments have rushed to secure massive quantities of Moderna’s vaccine, which has brought much-needed cash into the drugmaker’s coffers. Moderna intends to use this cash to fund the development of new vaccines for other illnesses, which could fuel its already impressive growth in the coming years. Digging further, Mizuho Americas analyst Siti Panigrahi wrote in a note to clients that “churn rising earlier-than-expected” among small businesses with fewer than 10 employees led to the lower-than-expected guidance.

But shares are actually up by double digits since the suit was filed. Cash use was one of the early shifts of the coronavirus pandemic. Dividend stocks’ yields are the highest, relative to the S&P 500, that coinberry review a veteran fund manager has ever seen. You probably expected that vaccine makers would benefit from the spread of the omicron variant. But Pfizer (PFE -2.46%) could be a winner on two different fronts.

Post-Pandemic Stocks To Add to Your Portfolio

Nearly two-thirds of analysts covering EA stock are in the same boat, calling shares a Buy or Strong Buy. Companies rushed to bring a coronavirus vaccine through development and to market, and investors rushed to invest in these potential vaccine makers. As a result, back in 2020, biotech hopefuls including Moderna (MRNA -2.46%), Novavax, and BioNTech (BNTX -4.88%) — and even some smaller players — saw their shares soar. Just note that some of these stocks could experience short-term volatility amid any serious bouts of market profit-taking just given their already handsome gains. Retail sales are shifting online during the pandemic, and digital transactions are increasingly replacing cash sales.

Elevator pitches for each stock

Although I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me what stocks will deliver the best returns, I’ve tried to do the next best thing. In this article, I’ll discuss 10 stocks that I think could be great buys in 2023 for long-term investors looking to put their money to work. The stocks of such companies might be OK for traders to buy to make a quick buck in the short run. But they’re unsuitable for investors seeking to generate big gains over the long run. Here are my picks for the three best coronavirus-related stocks to buy for long-term investors. Telehealth services provider American Well, better known as Amwell, IPO’d in September, and will release its first earnings report as a public company later this month.

Most Investors Behaved and Rode Out the Bear Market

“The US economy continues to run hot – the labor market is extremely tight and a number of executives we spoke to described their challenges in retaining staff and preventing competitors from poaching talent. Industrial companies in particular teletrade broker overview continue to see record backlogs, with the easing of logistics and supply chain constraints only just starting to have an impact on deliveries and lead times. In May 2022, the United States exceeded one million deaths from COVID-19.

Publicly Traded Company

The company awaits U.S. and European regulatory approvals for filgotinib in treating rheumatoid arthritis. I expect that COVID-19 testing will continue to fuel sales growth for Abbott over the next few years. However, there are several more important growth drivers for the company. Each of these stocks best cryptocurrency brokers is outperforming the market, and all are likely to keep doing well while COVID-19 cases are on the rise. However, in my view, the most interesting buy-and-hold pick of the three today is Amwell. Education company K12 offers students the opportunity to learn from home through online public schools.

Despite the uncertainties, the bank remains optimistic on both the U.S. consumer and the U.S. economy. In today’s video, I discuss recent updates affecting Advanced Micro Devices (AMD -3.40%), Nvidia (NVDA -3.16%), and other semiconductor companies. Check out the short video to learn more, consider subscribing, and click the special offer link below.

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine will provide the company with recurring revenues and earnings for the first time in its history. And Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody cocktail treatments for COVID-19 should bolster its already-formidable bottom line. Both, however, will need critical regulatory approvals before they can take full advantage of those revenue sources. Buying shares before the companies get those approvals offers investors a chance at better returns. Zoom Video Communications (ZM -1.13%) is helping us adapt to COVID-19 by enabling us to more easily work and learn from home.

It goes through all the basics, from how to get started to how to determine your personal investing strategy to how much of your money to invest in stocks. Intuitive Surgical is dominant in its space, with a market share of about 80% worldwide. And it has lots of room to grow as the adoption of its surgical systems and the number of supported procedures increase over time. This is particularly true in many international markets, where the implementation of robot-assisted surgery could be a long-tailed growth catalyst for this excellent business for decades to come. The platform has generated $6.3 billion in revenue over the past four quarters. However, this is just a fraction of its estimated $153 billion (and growing) market opportunity as more retailers shift their focus to online sales.

As mentioned, demand for vaccines has declined in this later stage of the pandemic. No one knows for sure exactly what percentage of the population will go for annual shots as the pandemic switches to an endemic situation. Brad Moon is a tech industry veteran who contributes to a range of publications including Forbes, InvestorPlace and MSN Money and is an original member of the award-winning GeekDad blog. Over the past decade, he has also written about technology for Wired, Gizmodo, Shaw Media, About.com, The Winnipeg Free Press and others. Finally, one of the oldest, largest, and most established tech companies has also made lemons out of lemonade, and it’s positioned to continue pressing its advantage.

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